Michelle White, owner of Executemps shares examples in this episode how opportunity presents itself everywhere, when we’re ready to see it and say yes! She bought the business just weeks before the 2020 global pandemic shutdown and has gone from strength to strength. Tune in to hear Michelle’s views on business, she talks about..

  • Acknowledging all the little skills that you’ve learned along the way – it all leads to opportunities – often when we least expect them.
  • Opportunity is born from relationships. Just be you, be your true self with people and they value who you are and what you bring to the table.
  • Having an abundance mindset and not pressuring clients or yourself! “There’s a lot of work out there; what I don’t get from you, I may get from someone else, or you may need my services another time.”
  • Failure mindset – the only failure is to simply give up, you throw your hands in the air and walk away. As long as you stick with it, it’s an expected part of the journey. If it feels like something may fail it’s OK to take it slowly, be more cautious, take a different route, but stick with it – that’s important.
  • Because of the global pandemic since 2020, any entrepreneur who started their business in the last two to three years can consider themselves still at the starting point.
  • As a new entrepreneur you have flexibility and more opportunity to adjust, pivot, change, modify, create new revenue streams, it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur.